As Full-stack Windows Applications Developer at M&I, you will be responsible for creating mission critical high-performance applications and services in C++ and C#, for Omni Player. These applications are used by practically all major regional and national radio and television broadcasters in the Netherlands and beyond.

Together with the development team, you’ll be working on software that is used by the makers of several programs you hear and see daily. Your work will be very diverse, as you won’t be working on just one project. As you know all the latest tips, tricks and developments in C++ or C# development, your knowledge contributes to making our products even better.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop and maintain cutting-edge Windows applications and services using C++ (Embarcadero VCL C++Builder) and C# .NET (Visual Studio).
  • Utilize REST APIs for data retrieval and presentation within the applications.
  • Use Git and GitLab for version control and collaborate effectively within a team.
  • Implement rigorous testing procedures to ensure the application's reliability and performance.


  • You have an analytical mindset and good problem-solving skills.
  • A solid background with 5+ years of experience in C++ and C#.
  • A good grasp of REST APIs and data integration.
  • Proficiency in version control using Git and GitLab.
  • Have great communication skills, both spoken and in writing and think it is important to share knowledge.
  • Look beyond your specialty or work field and know how to be critical.
  • Are comfortable looking at and working with code of in-house created back-end services, classes and modules.
  • Proficiency in developing mission critical applications that are able to run stable for months and more.
  • Proficiency in developing and working with Windows services.
  • Proficiency in working in- and developing applications for Windows 10/11.
  • Proficiency with SQL (Sybase/MySQL/MSSQL/…).
  • Proficiency with low-latency playing and recording audio in applications.
  • Proficiency in integrations with various hardware vendors and utilizing their interfaces.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Knowledge of DevExpress VCL components.
  • Experience with CI/CD, automated testing, particularly in GitLab.
  • Experience in backend development.
  • Affinity with the media or broadcasting industry.
  • Familiar with SSL certificates and security in general.
  • Optional DevOps experience with k8s and Azure.
  • Proficiency with other media, like video.